We advertised "Dare To Bare?" in the 90's but with nudity now being considered so Vanilla, we challenge women to enter the world of GirlzART ...where we create edgy, dark, unique & exciting erotic art...taking your body to the extremes of creativity. Are you up for the challenge?

GirlzART – Naked Women Nude, represents the erotic artistic services of John P. creating dark and exciting art for lovers and sensual individuals since the early 1990′s.

GirlzART Photography, paintings & other artworks produced in the GirlzART studio and at clients’ homes have exhibited at public art galleries across the UK and internationally. Naked Women Nude pictures have been published in the UK national papers & magazines, have sold to collectors across Europe & North America (from where GirlzART also takes clients), have been featured on UK television, where the artist taught celebrity presenters how to create nude art for interior decor and  have exhibited by invitation, on the website of London’s world famous Saatchi gallery. John now lives with his wife in North Yorkshire (having a permanent studio in Middlesbrough, taking clients from across the UK and abroad) but also works, by invitation, across the UK at other venues and in clients’ homes

Latest GirlzART News:

Fetish Submission to GirlzART

Fetish by GirlzART at London Fetish Exhibition, Sept 2013

GirlzART – Fetish – was exhibiting at the Electrowertz Nightclub in London as part of the annual London Fetish Festival. John P was assisted by “A” dressed in a tight red top, black skirt, fishnets and black stilettos…suitable eye-candy for

GirlzART male hands squeezing naked boobs

How To Always Make A Woman Smile…trick-of-the-trade(1)

This is a classical “trick of the trade” which is specific to and photographer of women. Before starting it’s important to note that this method will NEVER work with a man. However, it will make a normal woman smile a